We have so much of ourselves to give and so much time in this Life to do so. It has been my privilege to have partnered with charitable organizations and help serve our communities. The following pieces and projects were created to benefit these special groups, made with the individuals whom they serve in prayer, in mind and in heart.


Heninger Village

Beginning in February 2016, I have been working with the senior residents of Heninger Village as part of my Community Engagement + Grand Central Art Center Residency Program. My project’s mission is to engage with this community through autobiographical art workshops in conjunction with oral histories to help the elders document their stories to leave with their succeeding generations. I've been journaling about our experiences and the creative work we've been doing together, which you can learn more about here


Little Warriors (No.1, No.2, No. 3 and No.4), 2014, mixed media on paper, 11 x 14”
A series dedicated to the youth of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, to benefit the Warriors Community Foundation

This series is dedicated to our children, in faith and in hope that they may be embraced wholeheartedly by their communities, that they may thrive in this love, and that this love may stay alight within them. May we keep them in thought and in prayer as we cultivate a nurturing place for them to grow where their wings may sprout freely.


The City of Warriors, 2014, Oil on canvas, 60 x 72”
Dedicated to the warriors of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, to benefit the Warriors Community Foundation
Collection of Joe and Nicole Lacob, Atherton, CA

Keeping with the purpose of the show, I decided to create a new body of work, mindful of the warriors of our Bay Area. I thought of those of us who have shown great vigor and courage in our own battles, and despite these battles, have kept our commitment in caring for our youth, for our households, for our communities, and for humanity as a whole.

It is reassuring to know that those who are held in such high esteem, as our Golden State Warriors, are playing such important roles to strengthen the community, as they are in a great position to encourage the public to do the same, fostering the inspiration to make positive changes in our world. This piece is dedicated to all of us warriors, both on and off the court.


Our Very Own (1st Child - 11th Child), 2011, Acrylic, encaustic, oil, and joss paper on canvas 6 x 6"

A series dedicated our children, specifically those in Vietnam and Cambodia whose endurance has ignited this commitment to respond to their needs. All works sold from this collection benefited the Angkor Hosptial for Children in Siem Riep, Cambodia.