Environmental Renderings

Nature embraces her own time. The tides rise and subside. The seasons come and go as do the migrations. The trees know to let go of their withering leaves to make room for new growth, reminding me that there will come a season when I, too, must let go of the baggage that has burdened me for so long.

Inspired by the many lessons which I have learned from the natural world, these environmental renderings pay homage to the glorious moments when the simplicity and order of nature declares itself wiser than the complex intelligence of the world we build around us. Using materials found on site, I embellish God's sanctuary as an offering of peace and gratitude.  

"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience."  -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Ensō After Ensō, 2017, Healdsburg, CA.


Mending These Wounds, 2017, Healdsburg, CA.


As Good As Gold, 2017, Snoqualmie, WA. Be free, Belle. 


Fleck, 2016, Albuquerque, NM.


Bathing Our Wings, 2015, Newport Beach, CA. 


Whole, 2014, Newport Beach, CA. 


Belle's Cells, 2014, San Diego, CA. Another prayer for my dear sister, Kelly, her strengthening bones, and her growing cells.


A Thread Runs Through Us All, 2014, Laguna Beach, CA


A Prayer for Belle, 2014, Corona del Mar, CA

This piece is dedicated to my dear friend and Soul Sister Kelly, who is and always has been dedicated to the pursuit of life, and is currently determined to defeat cancer for the second time. If you are reading this, I hope that you will consider taking a moment to send some warm thoughts and prayers her way. Very truly, thank you.




Searching for Center, 2013, Newport Beach, CA


April and Amber, 2013, Healdsburg, CA


Somewhere in the Center, 2012, Newport Beach, CA


You Are Here, 2012, Los Altos, CA


All Roads Lead to Our Ocean, 2012, Newport Beach, CA  (View video)


One Stone at a Time, 2011, Half Moon Bay, CA


Shedding Cells, 2011, Pismo Beach, CA. Shed those old cells, Belle, to make room for new.


Sticks and Stones, 2011, Half Moon Bay, CA


Still Building that Bridge, 2011, Half Moon Bay, CA


For You, the Atlantic, 2009, Pompano Beach, FL