Depth of Fields

While working on the Family Tree series, I was inspired by the layering effect that I was able to achieve through the use of transparent mediums. In these pieces, I pushed these layers just a little further to create more depth, paralleling my need to always dig a little deeper to reveal the layers of history and self.



Tàu Bay, 2014, mixed media on suspended acrylic, 24 x 24" each of twelve panels, 24"h x 88”"w x 18 1/2"d installation as shown in photo

In Vietnamese, "tàu bay" describes an extra large serving of the popular Vietnamese noodle soup, phở. In the center panels, I have incorporated its actual ingredients (Sriracha chili sauce, hoisin sauce, green onion, bean sprouts and basil leaves) to interpret a bowl of phở as seen from a seat at the table. While tàu bay translates to “airplane”, describing the gigantic serving of phở, its homonym tàu bay translates to “flying Chinese”. Two Shaolin warriors soar as they did during the Chinese/Vietnamese martial arts sagas which I remember watching with my family during my childhood.

A smaller bowl of phở is called xe lửa, or “train”, literally translating to “vehicle of fire”, which appropriately describes the spicy Sriracha chili sauce commonly used to enhance the flavor of this dish. With Sriracha as a catalyst for inspiration, this installation was created to be included in a very unique exhibit called L.A. Heat.

This piece is dedicated to my dear friend, Belle, who is determined to defeat cancer once again. As she defends her Center, I fight at her side.