We Are Warriors

The Warrior. The fight of the Warrior. The flight of the Warrior. The height of the Warrior. Foresight of the Warrior.

For the past few months, these reoccuring themes have found themselves taking their stance all over the pages of my sketchbook, marching upon the studio walls, and charging into some of my recent work, such as in this piece and this piece. The theme came about when I, beside a few of my loved ones, found ourselves in the midst of combat, these wars we were determined to overcome. Out of the inspiration drawn from their great strength and perseverance, and the need to find bravery somewhere within those timid, fearful places of my own, the Warrior Spirit became increasingly present.

With hearts swelling with courage and with eyes set on victory, we find that there are a few key things that the Warrior must face, and learn, and relearn while in battle. Of these, here are two that I think are among the most important lessons, also perhaps the most difficult to remember:

Only through necessity do we find hope (for there is no need to hope for the things that we already possess).

When circumstances draw us to our knees, weak and pleading, we are forced to dig much further into our Core to pull to surface that strength that may have lain dormant for a time (for in favorable conditions, this tremendous strength is not needed).


View the collection of works made especially for this cause here


With the Warrior Spirit stirring, I thought about all of us who are all striving to victor over our own battles, and it saddened me to think that far too often, I am unable to do as much as I deem sufficient to help alleviate the strain for others, especially when these aching knees struggle to stand in their own fight.

Then, Life answered right on time, just as always. I was given an opportunity to contribute to the Golden State Warriors Community Foundation. (And, yes, what golden Warriors we all are.) Moreover, the day that my work was confirmed for this show was exactly one year to the day since my last benefit show. Life's confirmations never cease to astound me. I was reminded, once again, that I will always be able to give as much as I can with what I have, according to my ability and circumstance, and more importantly, my will to do so. And that, itself, is sufficient.

In hope, in love, and in courage, may we continue marching beside those with whom we fight, making our way to gather with those who are awaiting our arrival.

And these are also plenty.